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Real Science... Real Results

As inhabitants of the information age, we have entered a world of increasingly more accessible knowledge. Where previously the barriers to promote information were much higher (think authors publishing books), the advent of the internet has both blessed and cursed us with an information overload. In an era where fake news frequents headlines, advertisements shape our subconscious, and opinions get passed as truth, it becomes increasingly harder to separate the wheat from the chaff. Consequently, a critical analysis and verification of facts is becoming increasingly more important. Failure to assess the quality of information can have dire consequences. An example would be the ‘anti-vax’ movement, whom are responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent children.

Although that was an extreme example, the principle still stands. Therefore, The Buff Scientist was established as a counter measure against all science and fitness misinformation found online nowadays. The ultimate goal is to provide you with REAL science and fitness information which is backed up by actual research, and which you can apply in your daily life.